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Our menu is subject to change depending on the season and seasonality.
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Gillardeau oyster No.2 with ponzu and chilli oil | 4.90€

Fish of the day Ikizukuri with Getaria style chilled “bilbaína” dressing | S/M

Galician mussel sunomono, smoked ox tongue,

Codium seaweed and tsukemono vegetables | 14€

“Voyage around a tuna” sashimi | 32€

Spicy tuna tartar with Galician seaweed | 24.50€

Fatty tuna tartar with fried free-range egg | 32€


Madrid-style callos gyozas | 14€

Soldadito de Pavía: cod steak tempura with burnt pepper dashi | 7€


White fish, sisho and yuzu kosho nigiri (2 pieces) | 7.50€

White fish and Iberian pork fat nigiri (2 pieces) | 7.50€

Tuna, Catalonian tomato and “lingua di forno” nigiri (2 piezas) | 8€

Fatty tuna nigiri (2 pieces) | 9€

Torched fatty tuna nigiri (2 pieces) | 9€

Quail’s egg and “Japanese shepherd” migas nigiri (2 pieces) | 9€

Hake cococha nigiri in tempura with its pil-pil sauce (2 pieces) | 10,00€

Sardine and Malaga style ratatouille nigiri (2 pieces) | 6.50€

Gaucho style roast sirloin and bone marrow nigiri (2 pieces) |10€

Foie gras, eel and aged mirim nigiri in tribute to Martín Berasategui’s cremat (2 pieces)|10€

Spicy tuna and quail’s egg temaki | 9€

Spicy fatty tuna tamaki | 10€

“Kebab” style char grilled lamb sweetbread temaki | 10€


Sole with yuzu meunière, capers from Menorca, parsnip parmentier | 32

Japanese beef sweetbread frincandó with “Dengaku miso”: shitake, shimeji and enoki | 24.50

Aged picanha beef meatballs, à la minute, on cuttlefish stew and squid sashimi | 25

Dishes contain more ingredients than those mentioned. In the case of allergy or intolerance, please ask. In accordance with royal decree 1420/2006 of 1 December, all of our fish has previously been frozen at a temperature equal to or below -20 degrees for a period of at least 24 hours.

All prices include 10% VAT.