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Oyster from Oleron island nº2 with ponzu and chilli oil | €7.70

Fish of the day Ikizukuri with Getaria style chilled “bilbaína” dressing | MP

Lobster in three styles:
Sake steamed sashimi, tartar and Tokyo-Ampurda suquet | €195/kg
(24 hour advance order. Recommended portion for 2 people, approx. 900 grams)

* Homage to Robuchon: Tuna tartar with smoked eel gelée and vichysoisse
of the first navarrese white asparagus, its tartare and Iranian caviar | €45

“Voyage around a tuna” sashimi | €49

Spicy tuna tartar with a fried free-range egg | €42


* Caviar lentil Japanese curry with smoked wood pidgeon breast and coconut air | €18.50

Madrid-style callos gyozas (4 pieces) | €26.50


* Because of the balance of its ingredients, this course must be served individually.


White fish and shiso nigiri (2 pieces) | €11.50

White fish, Iberian pork fat and yuzu kosho nigiri (2 pieces) | €11.50

Sardine and Malaga style ratatouille nigiri (2 pieces) | €11.50

Tuna, Catalonian tomato and “lingua di forno” nigiri (2 pieces) | €12

Fatty tuna nigiri (2 pieces) | €14

Torched fatty tuna nigiri (2 pieces) | €15

Hake cococha tempura with pil-pil sauce nigiri (2 pieces) | €13.80

Fried nigiri with tuna tartar, basil, ginger and old parmesan cheese (2 pieces) | €14

Quail’s egg and “Japanese shepherd” migas nigiri (2 pieces) | €14.50

Gaucho style roast sirloin and bone marrow nigiri (2 pieces) | €14.50

Foie gras, eel and aged mirim nigiri in tribute to Martín Berasategui’s cremat (2 pieces) | €15.50

* Spicy tuna and quail’s egg temaki | €14

* Spicy fatty tuna tamaki | €15

* “Kebab” style char grilled lamb sweetbread temaki | €15


Sole with yuzu meunière, capers from Menorca, parsnip parmentier | €42

Maresme broad beans with diced butifarra, squid juice, and its tartare | €16

Dishes contain more ingredients than those mentioned. In the case of allergy or intolerance, please ask. In accordance with royal decree 1420/2006 of 1 December, all of our fish has previously been frozen at a temperature equal to or below -20 degrees for a period of at least 24 hours.

All prices include 10% VAT.

Estrella Michelin

Sol Repsol

Estrella Michelin

Sol Repsol

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Lastly, you are informed that due to the reduced capacity and distribution of our dining room, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate prams, and we don’t have high chairs. You are also informed that we don’t have a children’s menu.